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Swimming Pool Services

Hunt Pools & Service is a full service inground pool company, serving Perrysburg, Monclova, Maumee, Sylvania, Ottawa Hills, and the surrounding Toledo, Ohio area.

Pool Opening Services

Spring is in the air, and you're thinking about the first splash of the season in your backyard pool! Get the swimming season started before temperatures really warm up by having your pool opened by trusted pool service technicians. Pool opening services could be as simple as removing the cover and starting the pool filtration system. Hunt's Pool Services also include complete pool cleaning and balancing water chemistry. If there are any issues with your pool liner, pool pump or pool heater, our service technicians will diagnose and provide pool repair options, as well.

Pool Repairs

Pool leaks put a damper on your Northwest Ohio summer fun. Swimming pool leaks can be found in the underground pool plumbing, loose or broken fittings, holes in pool liners, bad seals in the pool filtration system, or cracks in the pool structure itself.

Hunt's Pools & Service technicians and equipment can locate and diagnose the pool leak - and provide you with the right options, such as pool liner repair or liner replacements; and pool pump repair and pump replacements.

Pool Repairs

Responsible pool ownership requires the proper closing of the pool at the end of swimming season. When done well and consistently, your inground pool will provide you with years of hassle-free enjoyment. When your pool is not well-maintained or closed properly, significant issues can arise, along with costly pool repairs. Season pool closings include several steps, including but not limited to removing debris from the pool's bottom, shocking and sanitizing the pool, proper filtering of pool chemical, removing and storing the pool pump and filtration system, blowing out the pool's plumbing lines, storing handrails and ladders, and securing the pool cover. Hunt's Pools & Service technicians won't miss a step when properly closing your pool at the end of season.

Saltwater Conversions for Inground Pools

Are you thinking about converting from a traditional chlorine pool to a saltwater pool? Saltwater pools are often easier to maintain; the pool salt is gentler to sensitive skin; and having a saltwater pool avoids the smell of chlorine. Hunt's Pools & Service saltwater pool installers will work with you to balance your swimming pool's chemistry prior to conversion; properly install your saltwater chlorinator void of leaks; add pool salt then test and balance your new saltwater pool chemistry.

Outdoor Fun is Calling Your Name!

Call Hunt's Pools & Service to discuss your inground pool maintenance and pool repair needs. We will help you keep your pool looking and functioning at the highest level possible.

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